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I’m a school, how does work?

For school administrators or education talent acquisition specialists, brings an aspect of transparency and connection instantly.

  1. Browse profiles, by searching by keywords, expertise, degrees, certifications, ratings or search by location using the map feature.

  2. Create a FREE Profile! Make sure to highlight your school with pictures, videos, or benefits documentation.

  3. Post a job opportunity with salary range info, add pictures, videos, docs or any information to attract the best candidates.

  4. also uses data analysis with the help of AI to encourage the best fit talent to apply to your positions, as well as, highlight a shortlist of available top candidates that may be of interest to you.

  5. Connect and engage with all candidates in real-time!*

*Please note certain features are unlocked with an upgraded membership.*

I’m looking for a job in the education industry, how does work for me?

Great, then is the place to be! caters to not just Educators, but all professionals within the education industry. Whether you are a College of Education student, Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Coach, School Counselor or Registrar Staff can help you get your next great opportunity!

  1. Create your profile FREE! Make sure that you put a picture, documentation, and sign up for as many Expertise that you are qualified for. Also ensure you complete all questions, and make sure that your user-name and short intro is catchy to attract the best possible schools.

  2. Get Verified!* Our Community Managers will review profile, documentation and proof of ID to provide you with the Verification Badge that features you above the rest, and provides peace of mind to your future employer.

  3. Get Reviews! This ensures you get the best visibility. Get colleagues that can vouch for your performance and work ethic to rate you and write stellar recommendations on your behalf.

  4. Browse jobs and apply! Or communicate with schools directly!* Remember you will not be able to apply for a job if your location and/or Expertise associated to the open job is not included in your profile.

  1. Check your inbox! also uses data analysis with the help of AI to select the best job opportunity matches for you to apply to. So make sure you review those opportunities and apply as soon as possible.

*Please note certain features are unlocked with an upgraded membership.*

I’m a Substitute Teacher, does it work any different for me?

Nope. In fact, you are able to use the existing schedules and calendar features to manage all of your assignments in one place with multiple schools! Just make sure you add to your Expertise as a Substitute Teacher in the applicable subject, to apply for jobs, AND check your inbox consistently! Remember schools may be contacting you for immediate assignments and if you don’t respond they will move on to the next candidate!

As an Educator or Professional, do I work via or who do I work for?

No you would not work for ever. You would either be hired directly by the school or by the third party Staffing Partner Vendor.

As a school, how do I hire a candidate I find on the site?

Once you post a job and have applicants, you can then select and schedule which candidates you would want to interview by using the messaging system. You would make arrangements on own to do the interviewing and once you select an incumbent, then you can hire internally under your normal onboarding process OR you would click on the Hire Request button on the site to initiate communication with the candidate and our Staffing Vendor Partners should you decide to hire the candidate on a Substitute or Temporary assignment via a third party agency.

As a school, can I hire a Substitute Teacher on-demand via

You can definitely hire a Substitute Teacher you find on on-demand, but the candidate would be hired by one of our Staffing Vendor Partners! (unless you want to hire internally, which is totally OK too!) Substitute Teachers will never be employed directly by

As an Educator or Professional, I want to put a much higher desired wage than what is in the market locally on my profile because of my credentials and experience - can I do that?

We encourage job seeking users to use their own judgement when selecting desired compensation, however, please review your market in your local area for similar positions and use that range as a guide. Remember certain districts have very set wage guidelines and if your desired wage is way outside those parameters it may reduce the number of job opportunity choices greatly. So please use good and reasonable judgement when posting your desired minimum acceptable wage on your profile.

Do I have to put a salary on my profile?

No, you don’t. You can put $0 and then explain in profile that you will discuss salary during interview. OR you can put the minimum salary that you are willing to accept, so potential schools that are not a match don’t waste your time. We do encourage those who are seeking substitute teaching assignments to put a wage, so you can connect with the right matches for your desired assignments quickly.

I’m not looking for a job, why should I put my profile on here? is not just the first interactive employment marketplace for education, it’s also a community. You can put that your unavailable and are not seeking employment at this time; but are willing to network with other professionals and share ideas. Remember, you have the option to connect with your colleagues in real-time!

Do I have to pay for the service?

We do offer a FREE forever plan, however there are limitations. To unlock all features you would need to upgrade to one of our membership plans.

Can I cancel anytime or is there a contract?

Yup! You can cancel anytime! And NO contracts! Please note that upon cancellation, billing will discontinue until end of that billing cycle. If you wish to cancel, just email us at team at and put “Cancellation” in the subject line and we will deactivate your membership and subscription. Remember, you will still be able to use all the features in the FREE Forever plan.

What does "Any Payroll Type OK" mean?

That means that you the job seeking user or the position is open to either direct hire with the school or by third party staffing vendor partner employment arrangement.

I’m a staffing agency, can I use

You will not be able to create a profile and post jobs or source for candidates as an agency.

However, if you are a small boutique independent staffing firm that services a specific local area and are specialized in education - then you can apply to be an staffing partner vendor for payroll services only. If interested and for more information, please contact us.

Do you do any vetting of users? does its very best to encourage qualified candidates and related school administrators only to use our site, and we monitor the site to ensure optimal standards. However, when making an ultimate decision - we encourage all our users to use sound judgement and research potential employers and candidates by conducting interviews, checks etc, Please note, does not conduct any criminal background checks or business screenings on any candidate or school entity. Staffing Partner Vendors if requested by the school to have a candidate on assignment on their payroll; do have the capability to conduct such background checks, screenings and/or fingerprints on candidates. does offer “Verification Badges” to those job seekers that wish to have us review their profile, documentation and proof of ID. also does have other non-platform features that include some type of verification for select schools only. For more info, please contact us.

I’m a school and want to hire Subs onto our own Temp Agency partner, can I do that?

Unfortunately to keep the integrity of our services, we request that any candidates found on that are selected to be on third party payroll to be hired on assignment via one of our staffing partner vendors that can offer this service.