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edhub is a free online dashboard for teachers to quickly and easily
manage and access online apps.

Reduce the amount of accounts needed and manage them in one central place.

Have your apps in one location and easily accessible from everywhere with precisely two clicks.

Enable Single Sign On and allow pupils to have one username and password to remember.

Integrate Edhub with your existing Active Directory or Gmail accounts to get everyone started in minutes. Or just upload a CSV.

Add the apps you need for your class, school or school network to use.

Receive valuable data about when and how often the applications are used by pupils.

For teachers, schools and school networks.

We will provide a free 30-minute demonstration how to
get you and your class started.

Use edhub to access online apps and achieve three things:


No more forgotten usernames, passwords or URLs


Save class time and create better workflow for your pupils


Improve engagement and teaching impact

Developed in collaboration with:

King Solomon Academy,

Westminster Academy,

Anglo-American School,